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15th November 1980
No. 89

Pages 15 & 25

Mick’s flicks
AT last! Debbie Harry, love of my life, is back on the big screen in a new movie called “Roadie.”
OK, you may say, but who or what is a “Roadies?” Well, in the music business, a roadie is a kind of jack-of-all-trades who accompanies bands and singers on their tours and helps set up the equipment, repair the vehicles, make the coffee, fetch and carry and serve as a general handy-person.
Fancy the job? Well, take a look at the movie first and see how it all works out, by following the adventures of the roadie played by music superstar Meat Loaf.
Meat Loaf (in his first leading part as an actor) plays Travis W. Redfish, a wild, beer-truck-driving Texan, whose musical knowledge consists entirely of Country and Western.
But two things throw him into the big time and the dazzling, colourful world of rock music – his mechanical wizardry and an extraordinary young lady (Kaki Hunter) who lures him into joining a Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus where together they enjoy a long series of amazing adventures.
Also appearing in the film are Art Carney, Alice Cooper and, of course, Blondie. The real-life music stars appear as themselves, and as well as Blondie and Alice, Roy Orbison and Hank Williams Jr. can also be seen.
This is Debbie Harry’s real chance in the movies. She spoke during the shooting of “Roadie” about her upbringing, her likes and dislikes, and plans for the future.
“I had always wanted to live in New York. I had some friends there who were much older than me, and were painters and jazz musicians. I tried to model for a while, but I was never the right type – I’m too much of my own self!
“I think some things that are always put down about girls, like being clothes and fashion-conscious, are great. I like to wear clothes that make me feel like a different character.
“It’s just a sense of style – and if I’m gonna be compared to anyone in that way, I would try to be like Bowie, because I feel chameleon-like, and I always go through a lot of changes.
“I was never wild about a group that wasn’t both visually and musically exciting to the point where you really had to watch them. I know I’m a good singer, but I feel that I’m doing a lot more on stage than just singing.
“My goals? I don’t have a five-year plan. The group was never a pre-conceived idea. It grew, it fed on itself, it supported itself, and I feel that the way it generates excitement will continue for me. But there should always be room for experiment.”
So there you are. A good rock ‘n’ roll movie that has musical numbers galore, comedy – and Debbie and the boys.
So see your newspaper, find out where it’s on – and when your boyfriend finds out Debbie’s in it, he won’t need much convincing to take you!

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