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March 1981 – Page 23

as you’ve never seen her before!

HERE is Blondie’s Debbie Harry as you never expected to see her. She goes brunette, and beauty goes out of the window, for her first major film role.
Debbie plays a plain Jane, frustrated housewife in the movie Union City that’s being given a selected release in the country’s fringe cinemas. The film is about small-minded folk in a small mid-Western town.
Debbie Harry’s screen husband is obsessed by the continuing theft of milk from their doorstep. He lies in wait for the intruder – and in the ensuing struggle he murders him, and has then to dispose of the body.
While Debbie becomes increasingly bored with her humdrum lifestyle, the husband becomes increasingly paranoid about being discovered as a killer.
It’s an evocative, amusing little movie beautifully filmed in period, and also indicating that Ms. Harry has some potential as an actress.
Apart from starring as herself in the as yet unreleased rock and roll film Roadie, Debbie has appeared on screen a couple of times before, but in the obscurest of films.
“They were a disaster,” she says, “and very unsuccessful.” Of her future in movies, she says, “I think I’m more than a pin-up for people. I’m not sure what I do represent, but I hope it’s more than just a pretty face. I can, and want to, do a lot of different things outside music.”

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