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18th July 1981

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DEBBIE HARRY is back in the limelight this month with her long-awaited solo album.

And the superstar leader of Blondie has teamed up with the Chic team Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards for the album, entitled ‘KooKoo’.

Released on July 31, the album contains 10 tracks written by Debbie Harry along with live-in boyfriend and co-Blondie mentor Chris Stein and the Chic stars, who also took on production.

A new single comes out a week earlier on July 24 entitled ‘Backfired’. Both the title track and the flip, ‘Military Rap’, are taken from the LP.

Musicians include Stein on guitar and various members of Chic, along with guest appearances from Spud and Pud from Devo.

The cover is designed by Swiss science fiction artist H R Giger who was responsible for the designs for the film ‘Alien’, and shows the “new-look” Debbie Harry whose hair is now going back to its roots.

She has made it clear that the album does not mark the demise of the group Blondie. The 36-year-old star said recently that the group would make at least one more album together.

Her new effort contains 10 numbers: ‘Jump Jump’, ‘The Jam Was Moving’, ‘Chrome’, ‘Surrender’, ‘Inner City Spillover’, ‘Backfired’, ‘Now I Know You Know’, ‘Under Arrest’, ‘Military Rap’ and ‘Oasis’.

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