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29th August 1981

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The days when women in the music business only had to wear long dresses and look pretty to succeed are long gone! What counts now is talent and the drive to tackle that long haul to the top.

We’ve taken a look at four girls who’ve achieved success – the hard way.


Although Debbie Harry isn’t a solo singer, in recent years she has done more for girl singers than just about anyone else. Blondie is a group, but it’s Debbie everyone thinks about whenever the name is mentioned.

Before Blondie, Debbie sang in an all-girl group, getting gigs wherever they could and travelling all over the USA. She worked like that for years before she met up with Chris Stein and formed the nucleus of Blondie. Nowadays she can afford to do what she likes, and because of this the future of the band can sometimes look to be at stake. But, purely because of the hard work Debbie’s put into her success, she more than deserves the benefits she’s enjoying now.

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It might not be coming to your local flicks but it did come to the Cannes festival – just about the first Odorama movie! Or what might be titled, “the smelliest show in town!”
The film is called “Polyester” and as the audience arrives they are given a personal card which they scratch for the required smell when an instruction appears on screen.
Reportedly some of the smells aren’t all that pleasant but it all adds to the realism!
By the way, if “Polyester” does come your way and you’re a Blondie fan, you may be interested to know that Chris Stein wrote some of the music!

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