Little Caesar – Lyrics

My name is Little Caesar
My friends call me L.C
My daddy’s named the same
And passed it on to me
I’m the kinda guy who by and by
Who wants to be your friend
I’ll make you a happy ending
I loop the loop
I do it good
I’ve been called a lot of names
Some of them obscene
But you think I’m funny
And wonder about me
I don’t worry anymore
Get uptight or fear
Back in the days of funny funny
They called me queer
They used to call me
They called me rudely

I’m a love ’em and leave ’em kind of fella
A good time gentleman
Perform my magic for ya
Then I’ll make my plan
When I’m gone you’ll feel so low
Obsession out of hand
You’ll find I’ll linger in your mind
You can’t forgive me
You won’t forget me
You can’t live with me
Can’t live without me
You’ll find there’s not enough
And that you love too much
You can’t live with me

You can’t live with me
Can’t live without me
Just call me Caesar

You can’t forgive me
You won’t forget me
I’m Little Caesar, yeah

Written by
Deborah Harry / Chris Stein

Clem Burke – Drums
Jimmy Destri – Keyboards
Nigel Harrison – Bass
 Harry – Vocals
Frank Infante – Guitar
Chris Stein – Guitar

Additional musicians
Sammy Figueroa – Percussion
Manual Badrena – Percussion
Roger Squitero – Percussion
Ray Maldonado – Horns
Luis Ortiz – Horns
Richard A. Davies – Horns
Mac Gollehon – Horns

Mike Chapman – Production
Doug Schwartz – Engineering
Merwin Belin – Group Production Liaison
Markie Iannello – Technician
Kevin Flaherty – Production (2001 reissue)

Recorded At
The Hit Factory (New York City)

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