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Debbie Harry

Press photo of Debbie Harry taken during a promotional visit to the UK for the movie “Videodrome”. This promotional visit included an appearance on the Russell Harty BBC tv show. Back of photo reads: THE SECRET HORROR OF DEBBIE HARRY. Rock star Debbie Harry told yesterday of her growing fear of death. She spoke as controversy raged around her new film Videodrome, which contains explicit sex, whipping and murder scenes.
‘I’ll be 40 next,’ said the blonde singer, who has previously refused to discuss her age, ‘And I’ve found more and more, I’m thinking about the possibility of death. It really scares me.’
Miss Harry spoke in her flower filled suite at The Ritz, apparently unflappable despite the row over her steamy and violent scenes in Videodrome.
It will be on general release at the end of the week, with an over 18 certificate. But yesterday BBC tv and radio stations dropped their scheduled interviews with her.
But Miss Harry was untroubled. ‘That will all be very helpful,’ she said, ‘It has become forbidden fruit hasn’t it?’
Photo shows: Debbie Harry last night. 22nd November 1983.

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