Wiseguy – The Debbie Harry Trilogy

Debbie Harry’s appearances in the 1987 TV Show “Wiseguy” these episodes aired in 1989

I’ve compiled all 3 episodes featuring Debbie Harry together into one video

S2.E13 Dead Dog Lives (Part 1) 00:01

Release date: 1st March 1989 (United States)

Plot Synopsis:
Vinnie and Frank hatch a plan to use a record company OCB acquired to gain entry into the corrupt music industry. Their target is a powerful player named Winston Newquay (Tim Curry)

S2.E14 And It Comes Out Here (Part 2) 46:25

Release date: 8th March 1989 (United States)

Plot Synopsis:
Corrupt music mogul Winston Newquay tries to buy out Vinnie’s Dead Dog Records, but he instead opts to merge with Isaac Twine’s company, Shakala. Newquay tries to take away Vinnie’s contracted star, Diana Price (Debbie Harry)

S2.E15 The Rip-Off Stick (Part 3) 1:32:54

Release date: 22nd March 1989 (United States)

Plot Synopsis:
Newquay (Tim Curry) seduces Diana Price (Debbie Harry), and she tells Vinnie she can’t resist him because she’s in love. Vinnie sends her to Jamaica for 6 months to get her away from Newquay

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