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Blondie Live – Press Release

Blondie: Live!

Blondie Live Press Release – 2002

ALONGSIDE BANDS such as Talking Heads and the Sex Pistols, Blondie gets much of the credit for creating New Wave Punk. From their roots in the psychedelic Seventies, they forged a new path in rock to become arguably the most popular and successful crossover band ever.

Spearheaded by their dynamic leader, ex waitress and Playboy bunny turned rock ‘n’ roll icon Debbie Harry, the group sold more than 15 million albums. They also enjoyed a string of massive hit singles that transcended genres and fused different moods and styles, from the disco of Heart Of Glass to the reggae of The Tide Is High to the hip-hop prototype, Rapture.

Then, at the height of their worldwide success, Blondie abruptly called it a day. But before they actually broke up in 1983, the band filmed one spectacular farewell concert in front of a wildly enthusiastic audience at the Canadian National Expo in Toronto.

Released on VHS and DVD on 18th November 2002 by Direct Video Distribution, ‘Blondie – Live!’ offers rock music fans one of the most electrifying concert performances ever recorded.

Featuring such unforgettable, chart-topping classics as Hanging On the Telephone, Heart Of Glass, Call Me, The Tide Is High and Rapture (the first commercially successful song to feature rap) this unmissable release is a fitting tribute to one of the biggest hit making bands of our time.

Tracklisting: Rapture; Island Of Lost Souls; Danceway; The Tide Is High; Heart Of Glass; Hanging On the Telephone; Dreaming; One Way Or Another; War Child; Start Me Up; (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction; Call Me

Catalogue Number: DVDUK008V DVDUK007D Release Date: 18 November 2002 18 November 2002 Certificate: E E Running Time: 56 mins 56 mins Retail Price: £12.99 £17.99

Debbie Harry is one of that rare breed: someone who has seen success, faded back into obscurity and then made a massive return to a new generation of fans. When Blondie split, she launched a part-time solo career while caring for her boyfriend and band co-founder Chris Stein who had become seriously ill with a rare genetic disease. Stein eventually recovered, leaving Harry to pursue a successful musical and film career, appearing in such films as ‘Videodrome’ and ‘Hairspray’.

In 1998, Debbie Harry and the three other original members of Blondie, Jimmy Destri, Chris Stein and Clem Burke, decided to reunite. The result was an acclaimed new album, No Exit, which in turn spawned the massive hit single, Maria.

Still hugely popular, their classic track The Tide Is High was recently taken back to the top of the charts by Atomic Kitten, some 22 years after its first release.

Blondie will be touring the UK from 5th – 18th December.

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