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June 2007 – Page 314



deborah harry
…about her style icon, Lindsay Lohan, and dating in New York


Do people still call you Blondie when you’re out in public?
Not necessarily. People do come up to me, but not as much as when I had platinum hair – it was like wearing a sign on my head. Hair-wise, I’m into this three-colour thing now – varying shades of strawberry blonde, red and orange.

How would you define your style now?
I’m going goth. I go back and forth between being rock’n’roll – wearing ripped-up shirts and boots – to being slimline, sleek and dark.

Who are your style icons?
Oddly enough, I like Lindsay Lohan – I like girls who take chances. I admire Courtney Love, too; she makes great records, she’s a great performer and a crazy woman.

You’re releasing a solo album this autumn. What can we expect?
I’m interested in a lot of different styles of music and I guess it’s just reminiscent of a Blondie record. I’m writing most of it myself, for the first time.

Which of your fellow female performers do you rate?
I like listening to Lady Sovereign; she’s really something. Gwen Stefani and Lily Allen are also great. I tend to look out for a sense of self.

What are the best and worst things about getting older?
The best is having so much experience enables you to be more focused. The worst is knowing you’ve got to make every second count.

Are you a morning person?
In the spring and summer, I love mornings, but I’m not up doing yoga at 6am or anything. In the darker, colder months I have more nightlife.

What’s a typical day off for you?
I like to hang out – go out for dinner or to the movies. I’m very average in that respect. It’s not like I’m shooting the rapids in a canoe. There aren’t many rapids where I live in Manhattan!

Are you dating anybody at the moment?
Not especially. I have a nice social life but I’ve not been linked to any one person for a while. The future looks good, though!

What do you find sexy in a man?
You mean body parts? A nice pair of shoulders is a good thing – and good hip movement!

Do you get chatted up a lot?
Yes, but a lot of guys feel threatened when they talk to me. They wouldn’t if they knew what an idiot I was.

Do people give up on relationships too easily?
These days you can be a single person and survive nicely, whereas years ago being part of a couple was essential to economic success. Now, I think it’s a luxury to have a really great relationship.

Did you always want to be famous?
Yes, I always wanted some kind of recognition and I was sort of driven by that. I should have been an actress, as I was really good at creating characters for myself. I get offered lots of small parts in films now, but I’d like to play a part that’s more than two pages long!

You released a single, New York New York, with Moby last year. What’s he like?
He’s a doll. It was fun working with him as he’s so talented. I’ve heard so many great compliments about the song. A friend of mine spent two months in France and Italy and said he heard the song being played all the time.

What made you write a song about Lil’ Kim last year, Dirty n Deep?
I thought her catch-22 situation was interesting [in July 2005, rapper Lil’ Kim was sentenced to a year in jail for lying to a grand jury about her friends’ involvement in 2001]. Lil’ Kim could either rat out her people or go to jail, so she made a choice. I don’t know whether I consider it completely stupid or completely brave, but I felt inspired to write the song. I sent it to her but didn’t hear anything; she probably doesn’t want to think about her year in jail.

Blondie will be in tour in the UK in July.


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