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Debbie Harry On Style: ‘I Have To Dress In Something So That I Forget I’m Wearing It’

Debbie Harry shares her top styling tips when it comes to fashion


BY KATIE O’MALLEY – 13th February 2017


From wearing a zebra print scarf as a dress and Andy Warhol’s iconic ‘Bad’ T-shirt, to her bleached white hair and statement black eyeliner, Debbie Harry never veers far from the list of the world’s most cult style icons.

But, for the 71-year-old, style is more about mood, than clothes.

When asked about her ultimate fashion tip at tonight ELLE Style Awards – sponsored by H&M –, she reveals: ‘It’s always been about the mood for me. I feel like I have to dress [in something] so that I forget I’m wearing it.


‘I have to be so comfortable and feel so wonderful in something that I forget I’m wearing it and just feel in the mood and the moment,’ she added.

On reflecting on her proudest fashion moments, she warned the best might yet be to come.

‘It very well might be tonight,’ she joked.

Wearing head-to-toe Vivienne Westwood, the Blondie front woman also opened up on her love for her favourite British designer.

‘She’s a rebel. I remember going to World’s End (Westwood’s original boutique clothing shop) back in the ancient dark ages of the 1970s, and looking at all her wonderful things.

‘She was always politically motivated so, I feel akin to that. It was important then and even more important now.’


Earlier this year, the singer/songwriter revealed the inspiration behind Blondie’s upcoming album, Pollinator – scheduled for release in May – revealing the name comes from the work ethic among its contributors.

‘It’s a collection of different writers. You feel like they’ve given to us and we’ve given to them.


‘We’re also donating some of the profits from our merchandise and a special show to the organization, Save The Bees,’ she added, pointing out a bee pendant she was wearing around her neck.

The British star also reveled Blondie’s new album was recorded in The Magic Shop – the same studio where the late David Bowie recorded his last album, Blackstar.

‘It was a big moment for us,’ she added.

Debbie Harry – proof that true style is timeless.


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