The Breaks – Lyrics

The games that we play when we’re drinking
Trophies and ribbons, stars for the higher scores
So long, live the cheaters and words that worked before
I know you’re foolin’ but you’re not foolin’ anyone

Those are the breaks like musical chairs
When you’re left standing, well fair is fair
Those are the breaks, I’ll call your bluff
Overexposure, enough is enough
I don’t want a contest, too many pitfalls
I don’t want your money, stale bread for bankrolls
As darts hit the target see the feathers fly
And bursting with feelin’, piñata surprise

You can’t play if you’re the middle man
You can’t stay unless you win again

Those are the breaks, I’ll still gonna try
And we’ll toast to freedom, here’s mud in your eye
And those the breaks in love lottery
I’ll still buy your tickets and then we’ll see
What will be, will be, will be

Written by
Deborah Harry / Chris Stein

Debbie Harry – Vocals
Chris Stein – Guitar
Clem Burke – Drums
Leigh Foxx – Bass Guitar
Matt Katz-Bohen – Keyboards
Tommy Kessler – Guitar

John Congleton – Production
Greg Calbi – Mastering Engineer
Rich Costey – Mix Engineer
Kabir Hermon – Studio Engineer

Recorded At
The Magic Shop

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