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‘The other girls called me the Growler’

Camilla shares a VERY bizarre revelation about her schoolgirl nickname as she meets Debbie Harry and Blondie

dailymail.co.uk – 5th May 2017

Camilla met Blondie singer at Chris Evans’s BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show
Royal gushed that she was a ‘huge fan’ and quizzed singer
Discussing her singing voice, she said she was known as the ‘growler’
Harry encouraged her saying: ‘That can help in rock’

By Rebecca English for Mail Online

The Duchess of Cornwall bonded with rock chick Debbie Harry today and admitted: ‘I was always known as the growler at school’ when referring to her singing voice.

Camilla met the iconic Blondie singer in the studio at Chris Evans’s BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and gushed that she was a ‘huge fan’.

As for her ‘growler’ comment, Harry encouraged her saying: ‘That can help in rock.’

Camilla was clearly tempted at the singer’s offer to join her band, saying: ‘I’d probably be quite good growling away in the background.

‘I’m huge admirer of yours and so glad you’re all going strong.’

Camilla popped into the Radio 2 studios to join Evans as his popular morning show was finishing as the pair were due to hold a judging panel meeting of the presenter’s hugely popular childrens’ writing competition, 500 Words.

Harry had been a guest on the show, along with actor Ray Winstone and US star Jessica Chastain.

After greeting Evans warmly – the pair have a great rapport – Camilla made a beeline for Harry and made clear that she was a Blondie fan, not something you would expect of a woman whose husband, Prince Charles, is patron of Music in Country Churches.

‘I tuned in in the car but missed you,’ she said.

She quizzed the singer about what she was doing in the UK – ‘mostly promo’, was the answer – and eagerly took up the offer of a copy of her new album.

‘I’m not letting go of this, can I hold in the pictures please? I really am the most huge fan,’ the Duchess said.

‘It’s great to see you still going.’

‘When you get older you still need to rev up your engines,’ laughed Harry.

‘Oh we all need to do that,’ the royal joked.

Camilla then joined Evans and celebrity guests for a photcall inside the cramped studio.

Evans, who has known and worked with the Duchess of several years, joked cheekily: ‘Come on, the two girls in the middle. The two blondes together. ‘

After also meeting production staff, Camilla and Evans went downstairs to join their fellow 500 Words judges – which included Horrid Henry author Francesca Simon – to whittle down the 131,798 entries into winners, who will be announced next month.

Camilla – who was still proudly clutching her Blondie CD – talked with Evans about the quality of the entries and even how brilliantly ‘dark’ some of them had been

‘I can’t believe the quality of the writing given how young some of them are. I sat down last night and read them again and again. I just couldn’t make up my mind,’ she said.

There was time for a cup of tea – served in a mug – before their work began in earnest.

Camilla is an avid reader and patron of a number of literacy charities, particularly for young children.


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