Hits, Hype & Hustle: An Insider’s Guide to the Music Business

First broadcast: Fri 2nd Feb 2018, 21:00 on BBC Four
Repeat broadcast: Sat 13th Feb 2021, 00:20 on BBC Four HD

Revivals and Reunions (S1 E3)

Edited Blondie clips from part three of this entertaining, behind-the-scenes series about how the music business works, exploring the phenomenon of band reunions. Music PR legend Alan Edwards tells the story of why so many bands are getting back together, what happens when they do – and how it’s changing the music business.

Alan meets the three remaining members of Blondie, who tell him how they’ve navigated their reunion. Debbie Harry reveals how she didn’t want to get back together with the band at first, had to be persuaded to do it, but then teared up when they first played together – ‘when we put the band back together for the first time and everybody started playing I sort of teared up because, oh there really is that sound, that really does exist, we do have an identity and that is probably the really successful band is to have a successful uniqueness to it.’

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