Debbie Harry and Blondie: Picture This

Book Title: Debbie Harry and Blondie: Picture This
Published by: Palazzo Editions Ltd (26 Sept. 2019)
Released: 26th September 2019
ISBN-10: 1786750422
ISBN-13: 978-1786750426
Product Dimensions: 21.7 x 25.4 cm
Pages: 224
Type: Hardcover & Paperback

Description taken from Amazon: Blondie were the most successful rock act to emerge from New York s seminal and anarchic downtown punk scene of the mid- 70s. Their beautiful and multi-talented lead singer, Debbie Harry, became the most photogenic and photographed rock performer of all time. Picture This is a startling and energetic record of the band that spawned power pop at the peak of their success. It explores in depth, both visually and verbally, the unique natural charm and charisma of Debbie s Punk Marilyn Monroe persona in its prime, and her successful reinvention of that persona for Blondie s glorious comeback of recent years. Mick Rock provides a vivid, memorable account of his larger-than-life adventures behind the camera. Revealing, like no other book, just what made Debbie Harry and Blondie so distinctive, this album is a delight for any fan of rock culture imagery, and an exciting tribute to America s pre-eminent pop/punk band.

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