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Blondie’s Debbie Harry stuns Glastonbury fans with ageless appearance

Legendary Blondie singer Debbie Harry paid subtle tribute to the band's punk roots with her choice of outfit for Glastonbury which featured safety pins and a t-shirt from one of the earliest venues they played.


By FRAN WINSTON – 25th June 2023 6:28pm

Strolling out onto the Glastonbury Pyramid Stage at 5pm, the 77-year-old looked every inch the rock icon that she is.

Debbie Harry was sporting a black sequined skirt suit that featured a micro mini and cropped tuxedo cut jacket.

She teamed that with a pair of flat black thigh-high boots and the same futuristic sunglasses she wore recently at the Coachella festival.

The jacket was fastened with a safety pin in a nod to the famous accessory favoured by punks in the 70s.

She also wore a double-layered black headband which kept her hair out of her eyes as she worked the stage.

Debbie wowed fans with her ageless appearance (Image: Getty)

However, it was her t-shirt which was the most significant part of her outfit.

The star was wearing a black branded vest for CBGBs – the legendary New York nightclub that is referred to as the birthplace of punk.

She appeared to have bedazzled the neckline with crystals which sparkled under the stage lights.

As the set progressed, she removed her jacket to reveal that she was wearing a netted top with three-quarter-length sleeves under the vest.

Almost as soon as she took to the stage fans flooded to social media to compliment Debbie.

Debpie played all of the bands hits in their 75 minute set (Image: Getty)

@WelshQueen5 wrote “77 years of age & still rocking Glastonbury. Debbie Harry is a Queen.” (sic)

@flumcake compared Debbie to another pop icon commenting: “Debbie Harry giving big Lady GaGa vibes at Glastonbury.”

A Twitter user called @Lyn_Whitson said: “Debbie Harry looking pretty good at Glastonbury. G’Wan girl.”

Meanwhile @IAmSamJMartin write: “I hope I have that level of sass at her age. Debbie Harry still an absolute legend.”

Debbie belied her 77-years as she performed (Image: Getty)

Blondie played some of their earliest gigs in CBGBs in the 70s before they found mainstream success.

Ironically it was originally conceived as a country, bluegrass, and blues (CBGB) venue.

However, when they had difficulty booking stars from that genre they changed tack.

The venue ultimately went on to give not only Blondie but also the likes of Television, Ramones, Talking Heads, Dead Boys, and The Police their breaks.

The club’s place in music history is so legendary that a film was made about its heyday in 2013, which starred Malin Ackerman as Debbie.


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