Singles Box – 2004 – Unboxing

One of the most commercially successful of the late-’70s/early-’80s New Wave groups, Blondie was nothing if not a singles band. Their seamless blend of high-gloss image, ironic detachment, and pure pop sensibilities made them a natural hit machine worldwide. Accordingly, their music is well suited to the SINGLES BOX treatment, wherein their original singles are reproduced in CD format, complete with picture sleeves. Those singles contained relatively few non-LP B-sides, but the ones that pop up make the package that much juicier. For example, the piano-based Bowie-meets-cabaret “Poets Problem,” which abutted the ethereal pop of “(I’m Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear,” is a little-known gem, and the Bowie influence crops up again on a live version of his “Heroes,” as found on the “Atomic” single. Since Blondie was an international presence, it’s fitting to hear foreign-language versions of some tunes, a French “Sunday Girl” and a Spanish “Call Me” (the original already featured French verses). SINGLES BOX also lets us hear the band mature from its punky beginnings to the lush, rapturous dance-pop of PARALLEL LINES and AUTOAMERICAN, a long stylistic trip over a few short years.

The song featured in this video is by Blondie – ‘War Child’ (Extended Version) (Remastered) taken from the album ‘The Hunter’.

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