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Live review: Blondie roll back years for atomic set at Halifax’s Piece Hall


By Luc Burke-Lejeune – 11th Jun 2024

It is now a remarkable 50 years since Blondie first came together in New York City – and the new wave pioneers are just as popular and relevant as they always were.
The timeless band delivered a set of classics, as a sold-out crowd at the Piece Hall in eagerly awaited to witness the celebrated American band in all their glory.

The iconic ensemble, led by the legendary Debbie Harry, now 78, wasted no time getting the Yorkshire crowd moving.

The extremely infectious One Way Or Another kicked off the night ahead, and the punk rock single that has transcended many years of musical generations is still as fresh as ever, with Harry performing it with an unjustified level of energy for her age.

78-year-old Debbie Harry belted out the classics at Halifax’s Piece Hall, delighting Blondie fans of all ages.

It demonstrates that the band is still as dynamic and as peppy as ever.

Hanging On The Telephone was the next tune in set and the irresistible melody brought that 70s rebellious atmosphere into the grounds of Halifax.

As Harry enchanted the audience with her voice, the song ignited a large sing-along to kick off the night of legendary songs that lay ahead.

Continuing the phone theme, the Yorkshire audience were treated to Call Me next.

As the catchy chorus rang through the venue’s columns, Blondie established a standard of quality that was maintained and dialled in throughout the night.

The single that was up next hadn’t been heard in the UK since 1980, so even the most devoted Blondie fans may have been experiencing this song for the first time.

Living In The Real World was a charismatic ball of ecstasy that rolled into a long-awaited blissful addition to the setlist.

Radioactive track Atomic spread like gamma rays, as the explosive chorus and neon green graphics engulfed the Piece Hall. The song raced through the veins of attendees, and the band’s tight musicianship underlined their ongoing connection, creating a likely highlight of the night for many.

The rowdy single Rapture was the next song called upon in their popular repertoire; with a wildly catchy groove and readily chantable lyrics, it was tough not to be hypnotised by the song’s titular verse as everyone in the arena sang “rapture” back to the band.

The New Yorkers’ next gem was a cover of The Tide Is High, originally a track by The Paragons that the band has made their own and highlights their capacity as a genre-blending act, as the reggae-tinged track was bringing in that summer feeling – even though it had been seeing some showers of rain up until that point.

Maria signalled the approaching conclusion of their concert – and the sparkling and summery song helped the band’s timeless charm shine through the corridors of a historic building, housing an iconic band.Everyone’s indisputable favourite Heart Of Glass defied the change in weather as the Northern flock belted out the ageless tune of legendary renown, capping off a performance of musical perfection.

During the Heart Of Glass performance, Harry was the first to leave the stage, leaving the other members to showcase their skills for each instrument.

Each gifted member single-mindedly performed their segment until the drummer concluded the track with an enthused and energy-driven approach.

Harry and the band returned to the stage for a two-song encore, beginning with her solo song Dog Star Girl and ending with the cloudlike feeling of Dreaming.

Dreaming made for a charming and bittersweet finale to the band’s concert, as the frontwoman reminded the Yorkshire audience that dreaming is free, and the music itself rounded out a flawlessly dreamy playlist of timeless rock standards.


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