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Punk Rock Stars

July 1978
Collectors Issue Number 8

Pages 36, 37, 38.

Sex Fantasies Of A Hot Punk Mama

With punk rock as hot as it is, it’s no wonder that an eye-popping, hot-shot group like Blondie busted on the scene and took it by storm. Of course, all that talk about Blondie is really about that pouty queen of the group herself, Debbie Harry. And why not? The curvaceous, teasing, rough and ready babe is everybody’s dream of naughty teenage excitement. Debbie wasn’t always the live wire she is today, however. She admits that her school days were pretty poor. “I hated school” she says. “I felt sexually inhibited.” No wonder Debbie acts out her sexuality on stage so intensely now. Back then she was miserable and hung up, and just didn’t have the room to be free. But even then, Debbie had wild dreams of rock stardom, though she kept them a secret. Anyone who has heard Blondie’s top single “X-Offender” can get an idea of what Blondie is all about, but you really have to see the group to get the full impact of their slick, adolescent toughness. Debbie’s favorite act is unbuttoning her raincoat when they do “Look Good in Blue.” Getting down on all fours and tearing off her clothes in her usual style. Debbie’s stage antics are just her way of putting music in action. She has fantasies about music that are intense, and her sexpot image is part of her punk rock philosophy. “Rock and roll is nothing but sex.” Debbie insists, “Music can turn you on.”

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