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July 1978

Pages 16, 17, 44, 45


Punk may be either ill or expired or just gone underground, but a number of so-called ‘punk’ bands have managed to ignore the labels and establish themselves and their music as something new in the face of all those oldies trying to stay young from the 60’s. Such a band is Blondie.

[Photo captions: 1 – Deborah Harry poses for a sultry pic to promote the second Blondie lp. 2 – The Blondie look. Straps and colored hair? 3 – Debby… a new wave performer who isn’t afraid of being sexy. 4 – Blondie. Debby and the boys in the band. From left to right are James Destri, Debby, Chris Stein, and Clement Burke.]


August, 1976: Signed with record producer Richard Gottehrer.
September, 1976: Record first single, Sex Offender/In The Sun.
October, 1976: Sign with Private Stock Records.
November, 1976: Record first album, Blondie.
December, 1976: First album release.
January, 1977: Make Blondie video tape with Richard Robinson and Bob Gruen for Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert, Japan, England, and Australia.
February, 1977: First out of town shows in San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
March-April, 1977: First national tour with Iggy Pop.
May-June, 1977: First UK tour.
July-August, 1977: Record second album.
September, 1977: Purchase recording contract back from Private Stock Records.
October, 1977: Sign with Chrysalis Records.
November, 1977: Second English tour. First European tour. In The Flesh tops Australian charts.
January-February, 1978: Second lp, Plastic Letters, released world-wide.
March, 1978: Third UK tour and second European tour.
April-May, 1978: Second U.S. tour.


Punk Magazine were shooting their Mutant Monster Beach Party for an upcoming issue and photographer Roberta Bayley was there to capture the action for this special Rock Scene sneak preview. Put together from a story by Legs McNiel and directed by John Holmstrom, the photogs who helped put it together were Roberta, Chris Stein, and Bob Gruen.

[Photo captions: 1 – John Holmstrom and Roberta Bayley discuss the set at Coney Island before the shooting starts. (Pic: Bob Gruen). 2 – Debbie Blondie relaxes in the sand during the beach party. (Pic: Roberta Bayley). 3 – Sure there’s surfing in Rockaway. Joey Ramone gets into the action. (Pic: Roberta Bayley). 4 – John Cale gets into his role as a biker as Joey Ramone takes a sip. (Pic: Chris Stein). 5 – Joey and Debbie pose for one of the beach party’s intimate moments. (Pic: Roberta Bayley). 6 – Joey and Edy Massey in the honeymoon sequence. (Pic: Roberta Bayley). 7 – Bob Gruen, Anya Philips, and Peter Wolf in another scene from the epic. (Pic: Roberta Bayley).]
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