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July 1980

Pages 22 & 23

Photos By Bob Gruen

After they established themselves as part of New York’s new wave and before they became big stars in the U.S., Blondie went to England and Europe where they had their first hit records. Since then the band has returned to tour the European capitols as often as they can, and the result has been enthusiastic audiences and sell-out shows. The most recent Blondie Eurotour came between finishing their new album and plans for their upcoming U.S. tour. As usual, it was a standing room only success.

[Photo captions left to right, top to bottom, page 22.]

Debby provides a rousing version of ‘Dreaming’ as the show takes off.

Debby Harry relaxes on the tour bus as the band travels across Europe.

In the wings in Paris, Chris Stein, Jimmy Destri, Clem Burke, Frank Infante, Nigel Harrison, and Debby Harry prepare to go onstage.

Backstage in London: the lead singers of Blondie, The Selecter, and Rosie and The Italians.

Balloons cascade from the ceiling as the band takes a bow before their encore.

Fun on the road, Blondie lines up for a band photo in London before the show: From left to right: Clem, Jimmy, Nigel, Debby, Chris, and Frank.

The glamorous life of rock stars often includes napping wrapped in a blanket during the long hauls between shows.

As Frank rocks out on his guitar, Debby dances to the Blondie beat.

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