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5th July 1980
No. 70

Center-page pull-out poster – pages 16 and 17, featuring Chris and Debbie.

Page 23 – Call Me!
…and find out the facts on lovely Debbie Harry.

* Debbie’s real name is Deborah Ann Harris.
* She was born in Miami, Florida.
* Debbie is 5 ft. 6 in., weighs 8 st. 3 lb., has green eyes, and hair which is reddish brown.
* She was adopted at three months and has never seen her real parents.
* When she was small, the family moved to Jersey City, about 20 miles from New York.
* Her first public appearance was as Cinderella in a school play.
* She also sang in her church choir.
* She has a younger sister who is now a sociology student.
* Debbie went out on her first date when she was 12.
* She started to dye her hair when she was 13.
* Her hair was platinum, pink or blue at school.
* At Hawthorne High School she was voted the most beautiful senior girl.
* She hated school and – despite laughs from the other girls – she said she would be famous one day.
* Debbie’s early idols were Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.
* She gave up her chance to go to college so she could try her luck on the New York music scene.
* She was in a group called Wind In The Willows, but when they split up, she got a job as a secretary.
* Later she was a bunny girl, beautician, health farm assistant and waitress.
* She formed a trio called The Stilettos with two other girls.
* Two blondes joined The Stilettos, so Debbie bleached her hair and the group called themselves Blondie.
* At one of their shows she met Chris Stein and they’ve been together for six years.
* Chris was also in the group.
* The other girls left, leaving Debbie.
* When Blondie began recording in 1975, the line-up was; Debbie, Chris, Jimmy Destri, Clem Burke, Frank Infante and Nigel Harrison.
* In the early days, they earned as little as £50 for a weekend for all of them.
* They carried their gear in Debbie’s old car.
* Blondie first came to fame in Britain.
* Debbie’s first major film role is as an accountant’s wife in “Union City.”
* She’s also in “Roadie” with Meatloaf. Blondie simply play as a group in this film.
* In Debbie and Chris’ flat is a stuffed snake which is linked to the central heating so it hisses from time to time.
* They do their own decorating.
* They don’t have a car, but prefer to get around on push-bikes.
* Debbie likes Donna Summer, Police and Bee Gees.
* She loves to cook – especially Latin-American dishes.
* She hates housework.
* She and Chris are health food freaks.
* Debbie likes to dress casually when she’s at home.
* She says she’s flattered to be compared with Marilyn Monroe.
* Her make-up includes grey, turquoise, copper and blue eye shadow, lip pencil and pink lip gloss.
* Her favourite sports are golf and roller skating.
* She likes having rabbits as pets.
* To stress that she’s part of a team, she and the group wear T-shirts saying BLONDIE IS A GROUP.
* She once said to Sting, “We’re opposites. Blondie is an American group which first made it in Britain – Police is a British group which first made it in America.”
* Debbie likes to relax by plunging into a heated swimming pool.
* She can lose as much as 5 lb. during a show.
* She says she has a mad temper, but quickly cools off.
* She has loads of jumpsuits and Rod Stewart asked where she got them so he could order some for his wife.
* Write to: Blondie Fan Club, P.O. Box 63, London W2 3B2.

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