Oasis – Lyrics

How many times have you heard, how many times did you say
“I think I’m going crazy! you’re driving me out of my mind!”?
We know it’s just an expression, a silly little phrase
Not the doorbell, not a bird call
Koo koo

How do you drive someone crazy?
To where?
In what kind of car?
Maybe we find a road map
I’m sure it’s not very far
We know it’s not so serious
We take it all in fun
Answer the ding dong, do you play ping pong?
Could you?

Trying to get your attention
Did someone say earth’s calling you?
Don’t say it, don’t ever mention, you’re hearing more voices than two
Roasted or raw delicious!
Freeze dried or salted divine!
Was that a…
Are you a…
Are you?

Storms have rearranged the sand millions of years up til now
Crusaders on a never ending search die for a never ending thirst
What a fine perforformance, oasis!
Well worth the standing ovation
Not a mirage
Not camoflouge to you

Written by
Bernard Edwards / Nile Rodgers / Debbie Harry / Chris Stein

Debbie Harry – Vocals
Nile Rodgers – Guitar, Vocals on “Backfired”
Bernard Edwards – Bass Guitar
Tony Thompson – Drums
Robert Sabino – Keyboards
Raymond Jones – Keyboards
Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr. – Keyboards
Chris Stein – Guitar
Vinnie Della Rocca – Horns
Ray Maldonado – Horns
Sammy Figueroa – Percussion
Manolo Badrena – Percussion
Roger Squitero – Percussion
Spud Devo – Backing Vocals
Pud Devo – Backing Vocals
Gordon Grody – Backing Vocals
Fonzi Thornton – Backing Vocals

Nile Rodgers – Producer for Chic Organization Ltd.
Bernard Edwards – Producer for Chic Organization Ltd.
Bill Scheniman – Sound Engineer
Jason Corsaro – Second Engineer
H. R. Giger – Cover concept and painting
Brian Aris – Photography
Peter Wagg – Art direction

Recorded At
Recorded and mixed at The Power Station, NYC
Dennis King – Mastering at Atlantic Studios

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