Military Rap – Lyrics

Alright you maggots!
Get it up!
Do you love me?
I can’t hear you!

Pick em up and put em down
You’re in the army now
We’ll make a man of you and then a soldier too

Shoulders back and stomach in
We’ll teach you discipline
Mother’s sons and father’s daughters – shut it up and follow orders

Study up on weaponry
The m-16, the m-15
Sammy knows the enemy
Flim flam big slam tell the major what you see
Hut hut hut hut!
Ayattolah rock the house
Boogaloo with Minnie Mouse
Donald duck is going red
Goofy’s working for the feds
8 ball in the side pocket
I just shot my last rocket!
I’m coming back!
They’re on my tail!
Aren’t you glad I escaped from jail?

Bangkok rocks!
Bangkok rocks!
Girls on the strip
It’s a one way trip
Bangkok rocks!
Patpong, patpong, patpong
Bangkok rocks!

Soldiers dine for free
N.A.T.O.’s up a tree
Tours at 9 and 3!

Go now, pray later
It’s a lay-away plan!
Free vacation in Iran!
Stop and see the Middle East
Miles and miles of lovely beach
Get that coppertone tan on radioactive sand

Those at home just got a directive
All report to the neighborhood collective
10 hours a day making makeup so the girls at the front can be more attractive

If I die on the Russian front, bury me with Russian mud
If they drop us in the east, (? )

Written by
Debbie Harry / Chris Stein

Debbie Harry – Vocals
Nile Rodgers – Guitar, Vocals on “Backfired”
Bernard Edwards – Bass Guitar
Tony Thompson – Drums
Robert Sabino – Keyboards
Raymond Jones – Keyboards
Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr. – Keyboards
Chris Stein – Guitar
Vinnie Della Rocca – Horns
Ray Maldonado – Horns
Sammy Figueroa – Percussion
Manolo Badrena – Percussion
Roger Squitero – Percussion
Spud Devo – Backing Vocals
Pud Devo – Backing Vocals
Gordon Grody – Backing Vocals
Fonzi Thornton – Backing Vocals

Nile Rodgers – Producer for Chic Organization Ltd.
Bernard Edwards – Producer for Chic Organization Ltd.
Bill Scheniman – Sound Engineer
Jason Corsaro – Second Engineer
H. R. Giger – Cover concept and painting
Brian Aris – Photography
Peter Wagg – Art direction

Recorded At
Recorded and mixed at The Power Station, NYC
Dennis King – Mastering at Atlantic Studios

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