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Creem Rock Shots

Fall 1981


Pages 5, 9, 14, 15, 22, 23, 36, 52


They can’t help it if they’re funny looking. Neither can we. So if we take advantage here and there, show a few people the way they really are – is it our fault? For your perusal, the faces America has made famous… looking the way they like to look… being taken advantage of…

Gee, when they asked me what size cup I wore, I thought they were tellin’ a dirty joke or somethin’!!

Creem Rock Shots
“Someday,” voes Deb, “my lyrics’ll make more sense…”
Ron Pownall


“Johnny may be good, but I hope that’s a comb in Chuck’s pocket!!” sez Deb!

Photo: Chris Stein

Pages 22 & 23
You want testimonials? You want essays from famous philosophers about beer? You want the untold thousands who’ve tasted the Rolls Royce of beers to let you in on it? No way – Trix may be for kids, but Boy Howdy! sure isn’t. It’s the fashion of the ’80’s, it’s Boy Howdy! and it’d be the stuff legends are made of… if something wasn’t already…

After drinking this… why bother with anything?
Photo: Susan Carson


Debbie Harry has never won an Olympic medal!
Photo: Lynn Goldsmith/LGI


The Hombres once sang “Let It All Hang Out,” and Jim Morrison even remembered the lyrics. Everybody likes a little skin now and then – or a lot then and now – and we here at CREEM are happy to pander to the lowest common denominator. Just don’t forget to wash your hands when you’re finished…

“Do you think my image will begin to taint – if I eschew all my clothes and just wear body paint?” questions trendsetter Deb Harry!
Photo: Bob Gruen

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