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January 1982

10th Anniversary Super Issue


Pages 4, 33, 36, 37, 46, 47

Photo caption on page 33
BLONDIE’s Chris Stein and Debbie Harry along with the ever dapper Mr. Gruen enjoy art for art’s sake at the P.S.I. new wave art show in NYC.

Pages 36 & 37 is the ROCK SCENE 1982 calendar pull-out poster of Debbie Harry, photographed by Bob Gruen.

Pages 46 & 47



“I think we were a bit older than some of the other groups and we had more musical influences,” Debbie Harry told reporters about Blondie and the reason they made the music they do. Here Debbie gets dreamy with Meatloaf.

Admitting that she’s learned alot about being a rock star, Debbie says, “At first, all I was concerned with was being a rock singer, singing on key, getting my moves down and writing decent lyrics. I guess everything’s just multiplied now.”

“I was influenced a lot by the girls’ groups of the 1960’s, like the Shangri-Las” says Debbie. In this pic she gets ready to film a scene for the movie ‘Roadie.’

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