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October 9th 1982

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Debs ends it all

SCOOP OF the week Blondie will split at last! Latest from New York is that the lovely Leaderene and her man Chris Stein have cancelled their Far Eastern tour dates and decided to wind up group operations once and for all. Ticket sales, the sub-standard ‘Hunter’ LP, Stein’s health and group morale have all failed recently, so the Noo Yawk Noo Wave’s biggest hits are giving up the ghost…

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Sheep dip

WHAT I would really like to know is what on earth happened to all the so-called Blondie fans who saw the band in 1979?
Their last tour of Britain was scrapped because of poor ticket sales and the promoter blamed the Rolling Stones for taking all the money when they toured earlier in the year.
If that is the case why is it that bands like AC/DC, Roxy Music and Duran Duran are adding dates to their tours?
It seems that the Blondie fans of 1979 are all sheep and follow the newer groups I have mentioned. Well get lost, the lot of you!
Paul Rowe, Stoke.

I would hardly refer to people who prefer classy groups to washed out has-beens as sheep.

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