Unknown UK Tabloid Newspaper


November 1983


FORMER pop queen Debbie Harry has made a horrifying movie in a sick bid to rebuild her career following the collapse of chart-busting group Blondie.
She appears starkers as a sex-mad radio personality who enjoys making love in front of sadistic TV movies where the violence and pornography are for real.
As she rolls about her co-star, James Wood, stubs out a cigarette on her bare body and sticks a needle through her ear.
The film, Videodrome, which opens in Britain in a fortnight, is supposed to show the near-future when all barriers have been broken down by uncontrollable video and cable TV.
One distributor has refused to handle the film because it is “too violent.” Palace Pictures plan to show it in a 100 cinemas, however. “We think it very relevant and the sex and violence are not gratuitous,” said a spokesman.
Debbie, 37, due in Britain next week, said: “I took the part because I admire the director and I’m very interested in video and cable TV.”

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