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20th November 1986


A year or so ago, Debbie Harry bumped into an old friend from Blondie’s early days, a character called Cosmo, who raved about the television series he was working on now, a syndicated psychotronic delight called Tales from the Darkside. He told Debbie that she would be great on it. Recently, Debbie filmed an episode of the show, which will be titled “The Moth.” “It’s fun,” she says of the series, a sort of updated Outer Limits. “It’s done really cleverly for what it is.” In her episode, Debbie stars as an evil daughter who returns from the dead in order to give her mom a hard time. “It’s a witchcraft sort of thing,” she says. “Witchcraft seems to be in vogue these days.” Let the PMRC search for backward masking on her new LP, Rockbird, if they will: Debbie just sounds pleased to be back. “It feels great to do music again,” she says with a sigh. “There’s nothing like it.”

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