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13th December 1986



BLONDIE: The complete works.
NOW that DEBBIE HARRY is back in the charts, as a fan of Blondie could you please list all their single releases and LP releases and their chart positions and also the time of their releases. Also could you please print a picture of Blondie for me. Karl – Blanch, Louth.

Easy. The singles were: ‘Rip Her To Shreds EP’ (Nov ’77), ‘Denis’ (#2, Feb ’78), ‘(I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear’ (#10, May ’78), ‘Picture This’ (#12, Aug ’78), ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ (#5, Nov ’78), ‘Heart Of Glass’ (#1, Jan ’79), ‘Sunday Girl’ (#1, May ’79), ‘Dreaming’ (#2, Sep ’79), ‘Union City Blue’ (#13, Nov ’79), ‘Atomic’ (#1, Feb ’80), ‘Call Me’ (#1, Apr ’80), ‘The Tide Is High’ (#1, Nov ’80), ‘Rapture’ (#5, Jan ’81), ‘Island Of Lost Souls’ (#11, May ’82), ‘War Child’ (#39, Jul ’82). The albums were: ‘Plastic Letters’ (#10, Mar ’78), ‘Parallel Lines’ (#1, Sep ’78), ‘Blondie’ (re-issue of their first LP, #75, Mar ’79), ‘Eat To The Beat’ (#1, Oct ’79), ‘AutoAmerican’ (#3, Nov ’80), ‘Best Of Blondie’ (#4, Oct ’81), and ‘The Hunter’ (#9, Jun ’82). As well as these there are, or were, a number of bootlegs of Blondie material available. So many in fact that we could fill this page just writing about them. And it’s illegal…


* Blondie’s first single ‘X Offender’ was banned in some countries, including Australia where it went straight to Number One.

* In the UK when the ‘Parallel Lines’ LP came out, one in every 50 people in the whole country had a copy. It stayed in the charts for two years.

* Debbie Harry’s first ambition was to be a Roller Derby Queen. Then it was the ballet or the circus.

* If you want to compare Debbie to anyone she’d prefer it to be Bowie not Madonna. “I feel chameleon-like,” she says. But she does admire Madonna: “She’s more prepared, more calculated than me – even now.”

* Debbie’s boyfriend/guitarist Chris Stein is heavily into ‘Space Music’ (of the sci-fi variety).

* Debbie Harry once stubbed a cigarette out on her breast. No, not for real! In the horror movie Videodrome.

* Debbie has a large wig collection for when she wants to nip out to M&S incognito. Her pink one’s a fave.

* Debbie once made a film with Meat Loaf called Roadie. It wasn’t very good and its not worth watching.

* Debbie’s first solo album ‘KooKoo’ had its sleeve designed by the guy who made the Aliens monsters, HR Giger.

* Debbie’s first band was an all-girl group Stilletos.

* Debbie Harry dyed her hair brown for Union City Blue.

* The title ‘KooKoo’ comes from the ‘cu’ in acupuncture which Debbie is very partial to.

* Debbie followed Toyah in the role of Trafford Tanzi a female wrestler. Unfortunately it closed in a week in NY.

* Blondie’s first British Number One ‘Heart Of Glass’ had the words ‘pain in the ass’ removed by Radio One.

* Debbie started work as a waitress in a trendy NY restaurant where Andy Warhol made films.

* Like Madonna, some naughty nudie pics of Debbie once appeared from some ‘previous’ work.

* Blondie were the first pop band to make a video to accompany every track of their album (‘Eat To The Beat’).

* Debbie is rather keen to work with Billy Idol (“well we’re both blondes”).

* ‘Rapture’ was the first rap record by a pop group to get played on prestigious black radio stations in America.

* Blondie gave Duran Duran their first big break in America when they were asked to support Blondie on their US tour.

* Blondie’s ex-drummer Clem Burke now plays with The Eurythmics.

* Debbie Harry has been going out with boyfriend Chris Stein for 13 years but still doesn’t want to marry: “I dislike the exchange of names,” she says.

* Debbie Harry, who is herself adopted, would quite like to adopt children.

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