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Debbie rises again

Monday 23rd March 1987 – Page 23

Edited by David Wigg

She’s back on top after heartbreak years of caring
BY Louise Court
Picture: Brian Aris
DEBBIE HARRY is back in business. After the five-year heartbreak ordeal of looking after her ill lover, the stage stunner’s had a Top Ten hit – and another single is due for release next month.
On top of that, the album Best of Blondie is once again climbing the charts.
She still has that tousled mop of white blonde and black hair which looks like a hay-stack as it frames the face that sold a multi-million records.
More mature she may be, but wearing only a touch of make-up, she still looks amazing. With angel cheekbones most women would die for, she has come through the five-year ordeal which was anything but heavenly.

Much of that time was spent caring for her chronically-sick lover Chris Stein who was struck down by a rare skin disease that was feared could kill him.
She was pictured looking fat and frumpy as she gave up everything to look after him. But as he gradually started to recover, Debbie concentrated on rebuilding her career.
Her Top Ten hit last year was French Kissin’ In The USA, and the new single, In Love With Love, released next month, is also taken from the album Rockbird.
“Obviously I feel I have come through the worse,” she says. “Chris is fully recovered now.”
She is working on developing her singing and acting careers in tandem.
“Not having a full-time band like Blondie makes it more possible to do both things.
“I don’t think Blondie hampered my acting career. To be part of a phenomenon like that is so special. How many people get to have that experience?”
In fact she paved the way for the likes of girl singers from Madonna and Cyndi Lauper to Annie Lennox.
“There weren’t so many girl-fronting rock bands then, but it worked. Obviously the way I looked played a part in it.”

It was not until she started fronting Blondie that she realised the best way to project herself.
“I had started performing as Blondie in the clubs and I didn’t really get a great response. It was okay, but then suddenly it dawned on me that I had to do a certain thing. It was a physical reaction.
“When you want to attract someone when you are flirting, you know how to do it. It comes automatically to draw someone’s attention.”
She admits to being aged between 40 and 50. “I know I am looking older, but the longer you live the more comfortable you feel about yourself.”
Adopted as a child, she says she has never had any urge to trace her true parentage.
“I have no interest in it. I have my imagination about who I am and the possibilities are endless.”
And what of starting a family herself?
“Of course I have thought about it. And I will eventually.”
She cannot see her and Chris getting married, but she is confident of their future together. “We have made it so far,” she grins.
And how does she see herself? “I am a very strong person, I am a survivor,” she says.

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