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Sunday 15th October 1989
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Pop beauty fears being old spinster


BLONDIE pop goddess Debbie Harry wants to get married – to save her from becoming a lonely old woman.
The Seventies’ idol, whose group had a string of hits including Sunday Girl and Heart Of Glass, admitted: “I don’t want to end up a 70-year-old spinster.
“But I haven’t yet found anyone to fall head over heels in love with. And that bothers me too, because I ask myself – can you fall head over heels in love when you are 45?
“But whatever happens now, I’m past the motherhood stage. In fact, my main regret is that I’ve never had a child.”
American Debbie – whose new single is ironically titled I Want That Man – has just parted from her long-time lover, Blondie guitarist Chris Stein.

And she confessed: “I have plenty of boyfriends. But I think most of them are only interested because I am who I am.”
Despite her search for true love, Debbie is wary of casual sex.
“AIDS is a problem for everyone,” she added. “They say a full cure is 10 years off. We’ll all be dead by then unless we give up sex.
“I’d rather watch wrestling. I love watching big hunky men sweating and grunting and grappling in the ring.
And it’s so much safer than sex.”

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