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Blondie star Debbie leaps 150ft topless

Friday 13th April 1990
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By ANDY COULSON, Showbiz Reporter
RAUNCHY former Blondie singer Debbie Harry stunned fans when she took the plunge – and dived 150ft TOPLESS in a baredevil stunt.
Debbie got into the swing of things when she took part in a “bungi” jump after giving a pop concert in Auckland, New Zealand.
In the stunt, thrillseekers leap into space while attached to a tower by a thick elastic cord tied to their feet.
Onlookers ogled in amazement as the bra-less former Blondie singer – on the Down Under leg of her comeback tour – whipped off her T-shirt and jumped.
Busty Debbie, 45, was left yo-yoing UPSIDE DOWN after plummeting to within a few feet of the ground. Male fans cheered as they caught an eyeful of her bobbing boobs.
Bungi operator Mark Coleman said: “I suggested Debbie tucked her shirt in as the wind would lift it up – but she pulled it OFF.
“She was left dangling upside down with her boobs on full show.
“About 50 fans, mostly men, gathered round but Debbie did not seem to have a care in the world.”
Organiser Vickie Thornton said: “It only takes one person to help a jumper down but when Debbie landed five men lent a hand – I can’t think why!”

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