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Wednesday 24th November 1993 – Page 11

Sun Woman

WHEN I first saw Debbie Harry at the start of her fame with Blondie, I wanted to put my head in a bucket she was so beautiful.
She had creamy skin and extraordinary cheekbones which coupled with a style all her own made her such a star. Plus the talent of course.
I was not surprised that Debbie was booed off stage in Jersey on Saturday, the first night of her UK tour. She apparently sang only two of her hits.
I caught her appearance on GMTV the day before and the way she looked was disastrous. Swaddled in shapeless gungy, grungy clothes, she looked all of her 47 years. This, if you please, is the woman without whom Madonna would never have existed. She inspired a generation.
And as for the hair, dear. Blondie was one thing. What shall we call you now? Mousey?

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