Blondie: Glass Heart (Official Trailer)

EM Productions – 29th May 2024

Icon, Actress, Fashionista, Sex Symbol, Revolutionary, All words that can be used to describe the lead singer of Blondie. Debbie and her impact on the industry is unparalleled, Blondie was a ground breaking band, launching her into stardom and laid the groundwork for many rock, pop and punk bands in the future. Though in the current year, they have fallen out of the spotlight, With over 40 million albums sold and having influenced many artists working today, it’s hard to deny that Blondie has fully entrenched itself into pop culture. With some of their biggest hits still getting radio play to this day. This is the story of how Debbie Harry went from zero to hero in the world, she started from nothing, and ended up becoming a star big enough to be compared to Marilyn Monroe.

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