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Blondie’s Debbie Harry stars in trailer for Catharsis

hotpress.com – 30th May 2024


The film will have its world premiere on June 14 at the Tribeca Festival 2024.

Debbie Harry, lead vocalist of the band Blondie, is set to star in the Tribeca-selected short film Catharsis.

The cast also includes Harrison Ball, Marc Geller, Jemima Kirke, Sasha Pivovarova and Zumi Rosow, with a guest appearance by Black Lips.

Brian Logvinsky’s directorial debut, the 17-minute film follows a dancer savant with serious anger issues who is set to sabotage his life until a strange psychotherapist brings him to face the shadows of his subconscious mind.

Catharsis is a blend of surrealism, performance art and horror, taking inspiration from Logvinsky’s own Soviet-American heritage.

Watch a clip featuring Harry below:

“My debut short film Catharsis is a post-Soviet fever dream, deeply personal and reflective of my heritage having grown up a confused child of immigrants with one foot in the American Dream and another foot in Motherland,” Logvinsky told Variety.

“It is also inspired by the performative power of dance and its ability to express catharsis. As I began the arduous journey of making Catharsis, doors began to open. Harrison Jaffee, one of my oldest friends, agreed to produce the film and connected me with principal dancer of New York City Ballet, Harrison Ball, who was at the time leaving the ballet to pursue acting.

“The universe aligned when Harrison Ball agreed to star in the film, and he became instrumental in shaping the film. His dedication, creativity and deep understanding of the character brought a new dimension to the project.”

Logvinsky met Harry through Ball, eventually bringing her on board the project: “Debbie is a real star, a legend of culture, and an incredibly beautiful human being,” he said.

Harry first began her acting career in the late 70s with appearances if art films for Amos Poe, such as The Foreigner, before landing her first leading role in the neo-noir film Union City. She has since starred in an extensive number of features, including the 1988 Hairspay, 2002 Deuces Wild and 2003 My Life Without Me.

Catharsis will debut on June 14 at Tribeca film festival.

Watch the trailer below:


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