Melody Maker


30th September 1989

Page 36

Reviewed By The Stud Bros

THE return of the face that launched a thousand whores. It’s thanks to Debs that a generation of women learned to bleach their hair, talk dirty and push a finger in their mouth in a way that says, “Hi, I’m Andrea, fly me”. Of course, Deborah was the first and last platinum blonde in the history of the universe to do all that and still manage to look aloof, unapproachable, sometimes even divine. Which is why we’re a little disappointed to inform you that the single is everything it should not be. It was written and produced by The Thompson Twins who we were convinced had been hospitalised some time ago. The title’s so hamfisted it must surely belong to Zodiac Mindwarp. And it’s carried by one of Giorgio Moroder’s cast-off beats. What’s worse, Deborah sounds so deflated, so utterly unconvinced by the unfortunate venture, you get the feeling she’d rather be doing almost anything. Once we might’ve cared, but we ceased to the day she chucked in music to look after that husband of hers. Just not blonde.

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